Created by Diverse Envisions

We have a burden for people in foreign countries, particularly third world counties, who have never heard the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ or who have previously been presented with the gospel but never received basic spiritual training so that the teachings could take root. We firmly believe that Christianity is largely responsible for the success and relative peace established in the Western world and that in addition to knowing God, peoples tangible everyday lives are vastly improved upon coming to knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In order to conduct the evangelism and transmit the teaching, short term mission teams will be formed and volunteers will be educated and trained (when applicable) before participating in the effort. We will partner with other domestic 501 (c) (3) religious organizations to gather these mission teams.


We will also identify persons or small churches in each country to partner with Souljourners so that they can carry on the work once we leave. We will keep constant contact with these persons via internet and follow up visits when necessary. We realize the importance of follow up with those new to the faith and we will make every effort to assure they continue to have guidance.


Souljourners will further the gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating His love, therefore it is imperative to satisfy basic physical needs in addition to spiritual needs. There are extremely poor villagers living in mountain areas who are essentially hunter-gatherers. Many children are malnourished.  Through previous evangelistic efforts in-country pastors have established mountain churches in huts with local leadership when possible. In order to demonstrate the love of Christ in very practical ways, food is periodically purchased and delivered to the people in the mountains. In addition, some poor people in the lowlands are also helped.


The Apostle of Jesus Christ named James said: “Suppose a brother is without clothes and daily food, and someone says to him “Peace! Keep warm and eat hearty” without giving him what he needs, what good does it do? (James 2:15-16) The bottom line is that the Lord Jesus Christ commands us to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves.